Hyundai flying cars concept

Hyundai And GM Could Have Flying Taxis At Major US Airports By 2025

Hyundai states that it could have flying taxis running by 2025, while General Motors believes that the same could take until 2030 Hyundai and General...
HondaJet Elite S 4

HondaJet Elite S Aircraft Revealed; The New Accord Of The Skies

HondaJet Elite S comes with increased take-off weight, better safety and communication; offered with new colour schemes as well Honda's project of flying its first...
Airspeeder Mk3 image 2

Airspeeder MK3 Unveiled – World’s First Electric Flying Race Car

Airspeeder Mk3 will compete in remotely piloted races in the second half of this year, and manned races are set to begin next year Airspeeder...
Loud Bengaluru Sound

Loud Bengaluru Sound Recorded In CCTV, Mystery Solved By Defence Ministry

A thunderous loud sound heard across Bengaluru and other parts of Karnataka was probably caused by an aircraft Yesterday, the people in Bengaluru were left...
pakistan PIA-1

16 Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) Pilots Not Even 10th Pass

In a serious break of the rules, as many as sixteen pilots have not passed the Matric level in Pakistan. All sixteen of them...