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Welcome to GaadiWaadi.com – India’s no. 1 source for auto spy shots with boot loads of latest news, reviews and trivia written by motoring experts and enthusiasts. Launched in 2013 with the aim of providing unbiased automotive news, views, reviews, comparisons and analysis. We are now the country’s one of the most trusted online automotive news sources.

Gaurav Yadav is Founder & Editor of GaadiWaadi.com. He has been an automobile enthusiast since childhood. After his post-graduation studies, his passion for cars and bikes lured him in to the automotive sector. He also has five years of experience in car sales.

As per Alexa.com – GaadiWaadi.com ranked #1001 in India and ranked #11,502 globally (As of 10/10/2016)

Some Key Achievement of GaadiWaadi.com : 

  • March 2013      – Website Launched
  • December 2014  – 500000 Gross visit to website
  • April 2015        – Relaunched website on WordPress Platform with 5000 Facebook followers, 1000 Twitter followers and 500 YouTube Subscribers
  • May 2015            – 100000 website pageviews in single month
  • October 2015    – 1 million Pageviews in the month
  • July 2016 – 10MN million website pageviews in single month
  • No.1 Automotive news blog since than.

As in Jan 2018, GaadiWaadi.com have 650000+ Facebook Followers, 31000+ YouTube Subscribers & 2500+ Twitter Followers along with 19000+ Newsletter Subscribers & 7000+ Instagram followers.

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