2016 Mercedes-Benz SLC caught testing

2017 Mercedes SLC 43 AMG (4)

Preparing for a bigger competition the SLK renames itself to SLC

Folks at WorldCarFans have caught the 2016 Mercedes-Benz SLC testing. The camouflaged SLC looks like an upgrade to the SLK Roadster and likely to be showcased officially at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September or latest by next Geneva Auto Show. A look back into the history of the SLK would say that oldest compact luxury roadster of the brand which is in production from 1996. Now, from 2016 to be precise the fourth generation R173 model will be renamed as the Mercedes-Benz SLC-Class, according to the revised nomenclature of the brand.

The SLK replacement will come with limited upgrades under the hood and minor cosmetic tweaks. Imagining the latest design language used in all of Merc’s latest entrants, the SLC is also going to get the same treatment, at least for the headlights and the tail lamps. As seen in the images, the front and rear bumpers also have gone under slight alteration.

The SLC will like be packed with beefy 4-Cylinder engines under the hood which will range like SLC 200, SLC 300, SLC 350 and top of the line with SLC 63 AMG and ponies ranging from 184PS, 245PS, 306PS and 476PS. An S-Version also would be available with 510PS in its stable. Expect a turbo diesel engine for the SLC which will be more of an economical offering from the brand as SLC 250D 2.1-liter kicking 204 PS. 

One can look forward to Mercedes having latest design treatment done on the interior as well with refreshed ergonomics and most recent infotainment system. The design and name change will allow Mercedes-Benz to position the SLC at the premium roadster market, which then can compete with the likes of Audi TT and BMW Z4. The actual looks of the SLC could change more as said earlier around the lighting clusters, which only will be known upon reveal.