Tesla Master Plan Revealed by Elon Musk; Web Address Changed to Tesla.com

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Tesla Master Plan announced by Elon Musk as solar energy powering automobiles and self-driving technology take centre stage

The American electric vehicle maker Tesla Motors Inc has opted to change its web address from www.teslamotors.com to www.tesla.com. According to internet accreditation company ICANN, the domain name and address were modified this past Monday. No information has come up from Tesla’s side regarding a possible name change for the organisation.

The name change could bring a whole new dimension to the automaker as similar to Apple Computer transformed into Apple Inc. Alongside electric vehicles, Tesla is producing stationary storage batteries for home appliances and industries. The www.teslaenergy.com is also integrated under one roof on the website as it is redirected to www. tesla.com/energy.

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Musk has proposed an alliance between Tesla and SolarCity Corp that supplies solar panels. The synergy between both the companies will create a combined automotive and power storage and power generation company, making Tesla as a trillion dollar brand in stock market. Musk holds major shares in both the firms.

Elon Musk, the South Africa born Canadian-American business magnate, tweeted on Tuesday hinting at the master product plan which was later revealed. The Master Plan, Part Deux was ten years in the making. His initial Master Plan comprised of 1. Creating a low volume car which would necessarily be expensive 2. Utilising the money generated to produce a medium volume car at lower price 3. Using that money to produce an affordable car of high production volume and 4. Providing solar power.

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Tesla has achieved three of the four above-said goals with the success of the Roadster, Model S, Model X, spreading of super charging stations and pending acquisition of Solar City. The fourth point is the key in the latest Part Deux as Musk focusses on integrating energy generation and storage, expanding to cover the major forms of terrestrial transport, autonomous technology and fleet sharing. ‘

In short, Elon Musk’s ambitious plans are summarised into creating stunning solar roofs with seamlessly integrated battery storage, expanding the electric vehicle product lineup to address all major segments, developing a self-driving capability that is ten times safer than manual driving with massive fleet learning and enabling your car to make money while not at your own use.

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