India Bound Tesla Model 3 Launched, Over 1,15,000 Bookings Received in 24 Hour

India bound Tesla Model 3 launched-2

India bound Tesla Model 3 is the most-anticipated and affordable EV that has a new 65 KWh battery pack, above 1,15,000 cars booked in first 24 hours globally

Tesla’s much awaited all new electric car Model 3 comes with a 225 mile driving range with a single charge and has been launched today at an event in California. The compact executive EV will go up against the Mercedes C Class, Audi A4 and BMW 3 Series and will be available to buy towards the end of 2017 in foreign markets. Prices start from $35,000 and we expect the brand to enter India sometime in 2018 or 2019 with the new model costing over Rs. 65 lakh due to it being a CBU import.

The new Tesla Model 3 can run nearly 362 kilometers without a stop. This is a feature surely giving Tesla an edge in the electric car segment. The new model comes with a new high density 65 KWh battery pack, which will offer 35% more power than the battery cells available in Model S and Model X. It can sprint from 0 to 100 kmph in just six seconds and a much faster version will be offered alongside as well.

The Model 3 comes with an unique autonomous driving technology called summon mode, which allows the car to drive itself at low speed from parking place to the owner. It is built on an all new platform, completely new battery architecture and new powertrain.

Styling wise the Model 3 will get design cues from both the Model S and Model X. The basic Tesla design language is visible in the car. The car sports sharp headlamps, revamped grille and air intake at the centre which altogether creates a muscular front fascia. It also gets long sloping hood, large wheel arches and nicely curved roofline. There are chrome elements at different places. Overall, the car looks very much stylish. Dimensionally, the car will sport a shorter wheelbase.

Although the Model S and Model X sports premium luxury inside the cabin, but the Model 3 will don a bit of downgraded materials inside. Both the Model S and Model X adorn premium quality leather, wood and aluminium elements inside the cabin. Expect the Model 3 to get cloths and little bit of plastic materials. But Tesla will not to compromise on technology features in the Model 3. It would adorn a bit smaller infotainment display than the 17 inch unit available inside Model S cabin. The other features would include Bluetooth connectivity, USB charging points, navigation along with reverse camera, Wi-Fi internet facility and heated seats as options.

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