Renault Kwid Launch On 15’th October, Get’s Almost 5000 Bookings

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Renault Kwid Launch is almost a month away and it already has around 5000 bookings in advance

Renault is all set to re start its innings in India. After the success of Duster, it is time the new K(W)id on the block is here to capture market. Renault has understood our market very well. They know we love two things, small hatchbacks and big SUV. Need more proof of their successful, which are here and which are here to come soon? Yes, the Kwid has been finally showcased and reviewed and first impressions are extremely positive. Clever engineering, unique design and much more thought has gone into making the Kwid.

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Now our sources confirm two major things apart from the fact that the bookings have started at just Rs.20,000, However unofficial booking amount is Rs.5000/- which started two weeks back at dealerships nationwide. As the hype was build with TV commercials and the internet reach which includes teaser campaigns and spyshots and other information being leaked.

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Coming back to the major information, as per sources, there are over 5000+ bookings received (data is 2 days old) and Renault Kwid Launch is likely on the 15th of October. The reason for this slight delay is (a month from now launch date is quite far) is the 10-12 days are not auspicious enough and hence the launch has been dragged slightly far.

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Renault Kwid Launch will be the game changer, not just for Renault, but it is going set a benchmark for small cars to come in the future. The Datsun Go was one such car, but was devoid of many things. Renault is set to offer more and same price, something, which was officially given nightmares to other manufacturers.

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Renault’s generosity when it comes plonking equipment and giving at the right price should pay off. After all over 5000 bookings don’t come so quick despite the fact official bookings start today officially. ‘Bonne chance Renault!’

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