Next-Gen Tata Sierra To Get EV & ICE Variants – A Lounge Like Interior

tata sierra ev-4

Next-gen Tata Sierra will enter production by the middle of this decade and the interior will be highly customisable

The close-to-production Tata Sierra EV was displayed at the 2023 Auto Expo in Greater Noida and is an evolved version of the concept showcased at the previous edition of the motoring show. The final production model will be launched by the middle of this decade and it will be offered in petrol and BEV guises in an expansive and upmarket range.

The next generation Tata Sierra will have high degree of personalisation and it will be more premium than the current crop of SUVs sold by the brand. Since the average price points will move up in the coming years we will see a lot more activity from the homegrown manufacturer in the midsize as well as the more upmarket segments.

The upcoming Tata Sierra EV, Gen 3 platform based Avinya and the Harrier EV 4X4 will be part of that portfolio. Back to the prototype showcased, it is more conventional with the availability of five doors including a proper trunk lid, contrary to the suicide rear door on the 2020 concept. The sporty-looking wheels and tyres do signify its desire to move closer to production.

Tata Sierra EV. 3

On the outside, it has an upright front fascia, a muscular front bumper and a new grille section and the sleek headlights are connected by a chrome strip. It has a large glass frame like the original Sierra while the C- and D-pillars are blackened. The interior is more interesting though as the production model will enable a four-seat lounge-like experience along with a standard five-seater variant.

The Mumbai-based manufacturer aims to give a living room feel to the cabin of the Sierra as the two seats at the back in the lounge trim will be pushed back to make more room besides having the ability to slide. Thus, the contoured seats will be practical and can be arranged based on the requirements of a particular trip or everyday comfort.

Tata Sierra EV Interior

It can also be customised with accessories such as tray tables, armrests, entertainment screens, etc. The decorative and lighting embellishments and the ambient lights grafted on the pillars found in the prototype’s cabin will enter production. The ICE variant is expected to get the new-gen 1.5-litre four-pot DI petrol engine.