Lambretta Developing 400CC Scooter And New Electric Scooter

Lambretta V-Special 9 (lambretta 400 cc scooter)

The upcoming 400 cc scooter will borrow design elements from current Lambretta models and it will be crafted by KISAK

Lambretta is one of the iconic names in the two wheeler industry as the company has a long history and it is one of the brands which is very close to the heart of scooters lovers. Now the company is working on an all new 400 scooter and the development is in its early stages. The design will be done by KISKA, the design house of KTM and Hisqvarna.

The upcoming 400 cc scooter will borrow design elements from current Lambretta scooter. The iconic design theme will be continued on upcoming model along with new features like LED headlamp, retro instrument console and LED lights. Lambretta will also focus on customization as it is one of the unique features of the brand.

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Lambretta V-Special 14Lambretta is also working on an electric scooter for the mass. This will also follow the same design theme of other models in the company portfolio. The company hasn’t released details about the upcoming products and these are expected to revealed by the end of 2019. We can expect the official announcement to be held at EICMA.

The Italian manufacturer was present in the 1950s and the company partnered with Automobile Products of India (API) to manufacture products.  Even though the scooters were very famous initially, the sales began to drop and the company ended production in 1980. Now the company is planning to make a come back in India.

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Lambretta V-Special 8Lambretta is conducting feasibility study of the Indian market right now before enter the country. Even if the company position the model at a premium, the market is still there which was proved Vespa and Aprilia which sell premium scooters in India. The iconic Italian manufacturer has lots of fan following in India which could help it to make deeper in-roads.

We can expect the upcoming electric scooter to be one of the models coming to India as electric vehicles will be popular in coming years thanks to the government policy. Lambretta celebrated 70 years of the company last year with V special edition models. The V special is available in three engine options – V50, V125 and V200.