Lambretta V-Special Scooter is for the Opulent; Created by KTM Designers

Lambretta V-Special 14

Lambretta V-Special has three different versions – V50, V125 and V200 – in as many engine tunes; developed for the retro lovers with touch of modernity

The Lambretta V-Special is for the leisure-minded and people with extravagant styling wanted to be noticed amongst the crowd. Looking at it in plain sight, you cannot really argue against it. It is created by the globally popular KISKA group, which designed models for the Austrian brand KTM and subsidiary Husqvarna for over two decades.

They collaborated with Lambretta community to make the V-Special and is a modern take of the brand’s signature retro appeal. It has been provided with some energetic nomenclatures like V50, V125 and V200 as each has its unique identity. For example, the V50, as the name suggests, derives power from a 49.5 cc four-stroke air-cooled engine developing 3.5 horsepower and features a self starter.

Lambretta V-Special 8

It can do speeds of up to 45 kmph and complies with Euro4 emission standards. On the other hand, the 125 cc version puts out 10 horsepower and the bigger 200 cc motor makes 12 horsepower. The three engines get mated to a CVT automatic with the final drive being belt driven. The V50 gains rear drum brake while other version come equipped with discs up front and rear.

For better safety, the combined braking system is utilised. Some major highlighting features include 12 C charger, glovebox, luggage hook, LED lamps, luggage compartment under the seat, LCD instrument panel enabling Bluetooth connectivity, etc. Lambretta offers dual layer side panel on the three versions. It has 1.2 mm steel semi monocoque architecture.

Lambretta V-Special 9

The panels can be delivered in various colours and shapes according to the preference. Lambretta has invested huge sum of money to resurrect the iconic GP 200 and SX 200. Future projects will include electric versions of the existing models as well.