Koenigsegg-Powered Qoros K-EV Concept Revealed Ahead of Shanghai Debut


Model K-EV is a supercar concept developed jointly by Qoros and Koenigsegg; uses similar transmission-less AWD plug-in hybrid powertrain as Regera

Chinese-Israeli auto manufacturer Qoros is all set to unveil its supercar concept K-EV at the upcoming Auto Shanghai 2017. Ahead of its debut, the company has revealed the concept online giving us a clear preview. The supercar concept has been developed jointly by the Qoros and Koenigsegg, and it looks very exciting indeed.

In terms of design, the K-EV concept features sleek LED headlamps positioned vertically. The LED lights come with a bluish appearance, probably indicating towards the K-EV’s Koenigsegg-sourced hybrid powertrain technology. Expect the production model to carry extensive amount of carbon fibre in an attempt to be lightweight and deliver high performance. The design clearly emphasises on the aerodynamic efficiency. At the side profile, the large sporty wheels are visible, but no conventional door is there. Instead, it gets a canopy like appearance, which could get glass treatment.

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The production model could also feature gull wing doors, which would come with automatic function. The passenger door could come with a dual-hinged appearance. Interestingly, there could be a sliding rear passenger door as well. So far, the car’s overall design will be focused on the aerodynamic efficiency.

The cabin will come sporting plenty of carbon fibre elements, reducing weight significantly and increasing rigidity at the same time. No wonder, Qoros will try to impress the world of supercars with this model and it has an advantage of being in partnership with the Swedish brand Koenigsegg.

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The Swedish automaker is already helping the Qoros to develop a new engine. For the upcoming K-EV too, Koenigsegg has helped the Qoros by providing the same transmission—less all-wheel drive plug-in hybrid powertrain, which is available in the Regera. As the Chinese brand claims, this concept would enter into production very soon. If everything goes well, we might see the car coming out of factory in 2019 and expect the production model to be more exciting than the concept.