Delhi HC Lawyer Dies Riding Rented Eagle Rider’s Harley

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Senior Delhi HC lawyer dies in rented Eagle Rider’s Harley on KMP Expressway; raises concerns over licensing of high-end motorcycles

A senior Delhi High Court lawyer had a fatal accident on Kundli-Manesar-Palwal Expressway, while riding a Harley Davidson. The motorcycle was sourced from Eagle Rider India, a bike rental agency, at Golf Course Road. Sunil Seth, 53, was killed while the Harley hit a crash barrier on KMP Expressway Sunday morning. He was riding with his friend Neeraj Seth.

The accident has raised concerns over licensing of high-end motorcycles like Harley Davidson. Experts feel that the motorcycle manufacturers should provide adequate training to the customers before selling the machines. Also, they believe the methods for issuing driving licences for both two-wheelers and four-wheelers require a change. Experienced riders also suggest the same.

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Eagle Rider India, which rented the motorcycle to the victim, has said that they follow the rental guidelines as per international standards. The agency ensures that the rider takes a test ride with the team before renting the motorcycle. Also, it provides proper riding gear including helmet, armoured riding jackets and knee protection pads. Eagle Rider India also claimed that they never rent out motorcycles to first-time riders.

Presently, anyone in the country can purchase a high-end motorcycle of car with his or her money. It doesn’t matter whether he or she know how to handle such a machine. The experts also believe that no difference in the driving licence for riding a normal bike and a high-end bike compound the problem.

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Several experienced riders suggest that the license should be issued on the basis of classification of a vehicle. Also, they suggest the rental agencies or dealers should give proper training on the braking system and maneuvering the machine before renting or selling the vehicle.