BMW Plans Four New Electric Models Targeting Tesla

bmw i8 roadster 2

BMW plans four new electric models targeting Tesla including Model S, Model 3 and Model X rivals alongside an updated i3 and new-gen i8 sportscar

The rise of Tesla to the EV fame has indeed spurred up conventional automakers to speed up their zero-emission drivetrain systems and associated technologies. One such luxury manufacturer that is seemingly going to give a strenuous time for Tesla is BMW which has proved its potential with the i sub-brand.

According to a report emerged on AutomobileMag, it appears that BMW is preparing for a slew of eco-friendly models in the upcoming years to strengthen its position in the growing market with huge untapped potential. The entry-level 3-Series luxury is going to get electric treatment reportedly and it will be positioned between the upcoming Tesla Model 3 and Model S.

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Set to hit the global markets around 2019-2021, it will be enabling two versions with a new suspension system: One is rear-wheel driven with 315 hp and the other a four-wheel drive model making 402 hp. Both these versions will be aiming to attain range between 402 and 507 kilometers.

Squarely targeting the Model S, a five-door coupe with dimensions in the middle of 5-Series and 7-Series is also slated for a debut in the near future. To be available with three different choices of electric motors, it could carry i5 or i6 nomenclature with an electric range predicted at 604 km from 70/80/90 kWh battery.

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Expected to hit showrooms as soon as late 2018, the new X3 eDrive is said to target the Tesla Model X, a similar Faraday Future’s vehicle and Audi E-Tron. The 70 kWh battery for this model will be manufactured in China. The top-selling i3 is believed to get a facelift and will be followed by a performance version as the whole of i range is due for updates.

The brand-topping i8 sportscar might get a new generation by 2022 as the IC engines will be replaced by an advanced electric powertrain with three motors producing a maximum combined power output close to 750 hp.
Source: Automobilemag