New Generation BMW i8 May Pump Out Close to 750 HP

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New Generation BMW i8 might get an advanced electric powertrain with three motors producing a maximum combined power output of 750 hp

BMW is planning for a significant movement in the fully-electrified vehicles segment as the Munich-based manufacturer works on a programme called i20. Otherwise internally codenamed as iNext, the all-new electric vehicle will be known as i5 or i6. It is said to hit the showrooms by 2021 according to reports emerged on the internet. Alongside the new electric powertrain, the new model will come equipped with the most advanced autonomous BMW system.

The i sub-brand made BMW realise the potential of carbon-fibre construction. Despite it being highly expensive, BNW did put the lightweight material into mass production and harbingered a future revolution. Resultantly, the project iNext or the i20 will be utilising the evolutionary hybrid aluminum and steel combination structure used in existing BMW vehicles with recycled carbon fiber used in possible situations.

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The new project will be featuring a choice of power sources making between 136 and 247 horses alongside four-wheel drive system with low centre of gravity and very less turning radius. It will have aerodynamically obsessed bodywork and will be a bigger version of the i3 model. A fully autonomous vehicle based on the new project cannot be ruled out of the equation and it may arrive by 2025.

The i3 is set to be replaced by 2022 and the German luxury brand is looking at three proposals for the car. One is to carry forward the latest carbon fibre construction, second is using all-aluminium structure and the third is to bring up a new construction by combining five or six materials with distinct advantages. Production volume target will roll in the five figure region until halfway through next decade.

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By that time, advanced battery performance and improved charging infrastructure are expected as the growth of EVs is predicted to be enormous. The i8 EV sportscar is due for replacement in 2022 but it could be postponed by a year. The latest generation i8’s three-pot range-extender could be snubbed in place of high-revving triplet of electric motors making 750 hp combined. The electric range is more likely to jump to 300 miles while four-wheel steering, torque vectoring, active suspension and an all-wheel drive system will be incorporated to make the model more appealing technology wise.

Source: AutomobileMag