Apple Working On Autonomous Driving Technology Development

Apple working on autonomous driving technology; it is the new forte of every automaker around the world with huge potential

American technology company Apple is working on autonomous driving technology development. Several auto manufacturers around the world are working on the autonomous driving technology. The automakers like BMW can use the Apple’s technology in the future autonomous models. Apple was reported to mulling the plan to developing an electric car. But now, it seems the US based company is focusing on autonomous technology instead.

Former head of Blackberry’s automotive software division, Mr. Dan Dodge has joined Apple’s autonomous driving technology project. Which has led the world automotive sector to be more confirm about the project. The US company would be seen to tying up with one of the existing automakers to implement the technology in real life. To develop the technology Apple has already appointed several former Tesla employees as well. Two former Ford engineers have also joined the project.

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The Autonomous technology has been the subject of discussion all around the corner in the world in recent times. American EV maker Tesla has come up with its autopilot technology. Swedish automaker Volvo is working on a safer and driverless autonomous driving tech. Also the other leading auto manufacturers like Mercedes Benz, BMW has been working on the same space.


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Apple already offers automotive technology like Apple CarPlay. This technology allows the car owners to sync their IPhones with the car’s infotainment system. Now the autonomous driving technology will put the Apple one step ahead from its competitors.


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The project has been codenamed as the Project Titan. Bob Mansfield, the company’s former chief of hardware is heading the project. Earlier this year he was put in charge of the project back from retirement. The Wall Street Journal reports, more than 100 Apple engineers have been working on the Project Titan. The new recruits like the Ford engineers, professionals from Tesla and Blackberry is showing the company’s eagerness and seriousness to develop the tech.

Source: Autocar UK