Anand Mahindra Welcomes Electric Rivalry from Elon Musk’s Tesla

Mahindra xuv Aero concept showcased-2 (Anand Mahindra Welcomes Rivalry from Tesla)

Anand Mahindra welcomes rivalry from Tesla as the American EV manufacturer is expected to enter the domestic market in the near future

It is no secret that global automakers are investing billions into finding sustainable solutions for the undeniable future technologies like autonomous driving, connected car tech and long-mile electric transportation. Their essentiality makes or breaks a car manufacturer’s future no matter how good they have been across the globe in sales and popularity and let alone their storied history.

In the discussions regarding electrified powertrains and evolution of a brand as a whole in recent years, Tesla Motor shines through the pack. The American EV firm has a significant foothold in its home market and expanded its presence into the developed countries. It has constantly made headlines for its Auto Pilot system, well either on a good or a bad note.

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Anand Mahindra Elon Musk Electric Car Rivalry

But as like any other conventional auto brand, the emerging markets play a key factor in overall sustainability and as a result the Model 3 was revealed with much fanfare. Tesla’s Elon Musk has often been very open-minded on his decisions to enter a lucrative market like India.

Although no credible launch timeframe is set yet, you always get a feel that Tesla is not far away from reach Indian shores. A few days back, he replied to a question we have been waiting for about the launch and was skeptical about the local sourcing. The “MakeInIndia” government handle on Twitter responded to him with their views and policies.

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Anand Mahindra Elon Musk Electric Car Rivalry Tesla

One of Musk’s latest posts pointed at India’s intentions to bring an all-electric environment by 2030 and iterated that it is already the largest market for solar power. In response, Mahindra & Mahindra’s Chairman and MD, Anand Mahindra, took to Twitter and wrote that “Time you got out here Elon” as we welcomes Tesla to our vast domestic market in a competitive sense.

In a recent BSE filing, Mahindra affirmed that it will be introducing electric powertrain to some of its existing models or via subsidiary. The subsidiary could indicate the products from Mahindra Electric division. Although the size of the huge investment planned has not been known, it is believed that the money will be utilised to develop the capacity in which the electric powertrains are products as well as bringing new EVs on to the ground.

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tesla model s sunset

According to the statement, the “high-end electric powertrains” will play a significant role in the Group’s eco-friendly lineup in the future. So, we could expect Mahindra to go up against Tesla in the coming years for electric bragging rights.

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