VW Says No Legal Action against South Korea Sales Ban

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VW says no legal action against South Korea sales ban; emission regulators have banned 80 models of VW, Audi and Bentley following Dieselgate

Volkswagen is not taking any legal action against the massive ban on sales of 80 VW group models in South Korea. The South Korean authorities banned the sales of 80 cars comprising the VW, Audi and Bentley models in the country following the Dieselgate scam. The ban came into effect in last month, and the German auto maker has described it as ‘most severe’.

Initially, the Volkswagen AG considered filing a lawsuit against the sales ban, but later it stepped back, as it might prove as a lengthy and costly process for the company. Incidentally, the German group is already in trouble across the world post the Dieselgate scam. Several countries has initiated probe against the group, and some has already slapped hefty fine amounts on the automaker.


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In South Korea also the company is facing a fine of $15.98 million. Apart from that the South Korean agencies have raided the automaker’s offices in the country and arrested an executive as well. Instead of moving court against the sales ban, the German group is focusing on achieving certification resume sales of the banned vehicles again. After the Dieselgate came into light Volkswagen has faced a 40% decline in its sales in the South Korean market.

The Dieselgate scam has been one of the most notorious automotive scandals in the history. The scam first came into light in US last year, when the US authorities discovered, that several Volkswagen models are emitting nearly 40% more pollutant than permitted. Shockingly, the vehicles came fitted with an emission cheating device, which hides the actual emission data during lab tests.


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Apart from Volkswagen vehicles, several Audi, Porsche, Bentley models were also found fitted with the emission cheating device. This scandal prompted several countries around the world to initiate investigation against the German automaker. In India too, the Volkswagen TDI engines were found with the emission cheating device.