Volkswagen Recalls 7.66 Lakh Cars Worldwide To Fix Brake System

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Volkswagen’s massive recall program includes Audi and Skoda cars as well; in Germany along 6.73 lakh cars are affected

German auto giant Volkswagen has issued a massive recall program around the world to fix the faulty brake system software. This gigantic recall program includes a total of 7.66 lakh cars across the globe. In Germany alone, a total of 2.88 lakh Volkswagen cars are affected, while 3.85 lakh Audi and Skoda models also include the affected cars.

The rest of 93,000 affected cars are from the various global markets. As the automobile group reveals the braking system may not function properly in certain driving conditions due to the fault in the software. The system might malfunction when the driver over-steers, under-steers or even during hard braking. Under this recall initiative, Volkswagen will inspect the suspected affected cars and upgrade the software free of cost.

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Interestingly, this recall program has been initiated at a time when the German brand is stuck in various troubles in several global markets s well as in its home soil too. The shadow of the Dieselgate is still looming large over the head of the group. It is bearing a huge cost due to the recall of the dieselgate affected cars in several markets. In USA, the band has been forced to pay a hefty compensation to the affected customers.

Apart from that, recently the brand has been accused of falsifying the delivery figures in France. The company has provided fake sales figure in the country in order to create a better vibe among the customers. So far, despite the brand’s attempt to minimize the cost of penalties, buybacks and compensations, it seems to be troubled by new issues every week.

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Speaking about the Indian market, it is not sure, if the latest recall program covers the country or not. It has just reduced the pricing of its entire range in the domestic market by 12% to pass on the benefit of GST to the buyers.

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