Volkswagen Falsified Delivery Figures in France Allegedly

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Over 8,00,000 vehicles from VW Group are reportedly found to have inaccurate delivery figures to fake performance level

Volkswagen’s French arm has reportedly faked its delivery statistics in order to maintain a better vibe among customers according to a German publication called Der Spiegel. Pointing at an inside report from the brand’s auditors, it has discovered that several models being by owners had entered the registration phase only months or even years after they were delivered.

Moreover, the German marque was alleged to have classified various cars as being delivered despite them not having purchase contracts. Not just Volkswagen-badged cars but the models from its sister brands like Audi, Skoda and homegrown Seat have falsified the delivery status allegedly.

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The improper information was given to a massive lot of 8,00,000 vehicles combining all the VW Group’s brands together. The magazine further responded on this matter and said that the former Chief Executive Officer, Matthias Mueller, was informed about the inaccurate delivery figures a few months ago and in a short period after, the French division’s head of operations, Jacques Rivoal resigned citing “strategic differences” with his former employer.

The auditors discovered a huge number of vehicles being registered by their owners after a big delay, a process that normally requires only a few weeks. Volkswagen has declined to comment on this issue so far. VW’s French operations began in 2010 and this allegation could further damage its reputation worldwide following the diesel emission cheating scandal.

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Volkswagen’s cost-cutting measures are on full-swing as it is finding ways to recover the loss due to penalties, buybacks and compensations. If the inaccurate delivery figures are proven, they might get into more legal problems from the French government’s authorities.