Toyota Not Keen to Offer Diesel Hybrid Powertrain

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Toyota believes high pricing of diesel hybrid powertrain will affect its business; not ready to offer the fuel efficient mechanisms anytime soon

Japanese automaker Toyota is not very keen to offer diesel hybrid powertrains, even despite these engines being proved as fuel efficient ones. The company believes combining hybrid technology with diesel engines will increase the pricing, therefore affecting the sales of the brand. Also, it is aiming to focus more on fully electric vehicles.

Not only Toyota, but there are several other global auto majors developing the hybrid powertrain with petrol motors, instead of diesel. The reason behind that strategy is to keep the pricing lower. The diesel engines are much more expensive compared to the petrol motors and hybrid systems are also pretty expensive. Now, combining the hybrid system with diesel engines shot up the pricing compared to petrol hybrids.

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But, Toyota has not ruled out the possibility to offer diesel hybrid powertrains in its products. All, it wants is little time to assess the market and the demands from customers before taking the step towards selling diesel hybrids. Meanwhile as the Japanese auto manufacturer reveals its desire to focus more on electric vehicles that too is facing hurdle like lack of infrastructure.

Interestingly, to overcome the problem of lack of EV recharging stations, Toyota is following Tesla’s step. As the American EV maker is investing heavily on building a supercharger network, Toyota too is aiming to build expensive EV charging stations.

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The company also reveals the soon to come future green cars from the brand will be hybrid or plug-in hybrid models and at later stage when the EV charging stations are ready, it will emphasise on the zero emission electric vehicles as well. Apart from that, Toyota is also focusing on the fuel-cell powertrain technology as charging the fuel cell cars are also easier. So far, it seems that the automaker is keen to establish itself as a major green car producer in the world with its range of products carrying different type of eco-friendly powertrains.

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