Subaru Joins Nissan In Uncertified Vehicle Scam


Subaru has admitted it too used uncertified vehicle inspectors just like Nissan; recalling 2.55 lakh vehicles for re-inspection

Japanese auto market is shaken again with a new scandal and this time the wrongdoing has been done by Subaru. After Nissan’s inspection scandal, Subaru has admitted that it also used uncertified vehicle inspectors for the Japanese market-spec cars. As a result, the brand is preparing for a massive recall of 2.55 lakh vehicles across Japan that have been affected by the scam.

As the automaker has revealed, an average of eight uncertified vehicle inspectors, who are basically trainees, have been making final inspections of the cars for last four years. The company has already filed a report on this matter to Japan’s Ministry of land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism. It is not sure, when the auto major will start the recall process for the affected vehicles.


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A recall and the re-inspection process of these affected cars are expected to cost around $44 million. The recall program will cover all the vehicles rolled out by the automaker in last three years. The models affected in this Subaru’s inspection scandal include Forester, Outback, Impreza, Legacy, XC and BRZ. Not only that, the Toyota 86 coupe too could be affected by the scandal as it was built by Subaru.

This comes as the second big scandal in this month, as Nissan also admitted of applying wrong inspection process for the Japanese domestic market-spec vehicles. As a result, Nissan’s sales figure dropped rapidly in just 20 days after the scam came under light. The auto giant has already recalled 1.2 million affected vehicles from across Japan and these vehicles will be re-inspected.


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The fresh Subaru inspection scandal is expected to hit the brand image of the automaker. It is to be seen how the brand deals with this situation. It is not sure, if the brand did the same with other global market-spec cars as well.