PSA Unveils Its New Hybrid Three-Wheel Scooter Concept


PSA’s new three-wheel scooter concept comes incorporating several advanced technologies; gets power from a plug-in hybrid powertrain

French automobile giant PSA has unveiled a new three-wheel scooter concept at the EU-LIVE (Efficient Urban Light vehicle) consortium. The unique three-wheel scooter concept comes similar looking as the Renault Twizy, but unlike the four wheel equipped latter model PSA’s scooter runs on three wheels. This vehicle comes as part of the auto major’s ‘Push to Pass’ strategy to explore new mobility solutions.

Dimensionally, this three-wheel scooter concept appears with 2,400 mm of length and 850 mm of width. While developing this concept, PSA has focused on minimal space to achieve better maneuverability in congested city roads. It also gets scissor doors that help the vehicle in tight parking spaces.


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Apart from focusing on the compactness of the vehicle, PSA has also emphasised on comfort for the occupants. That is why the concept vehicle comes with a heated cabin along with safety features like an airbag and seatbelt as well. This way, the scooter rider doesn’t need any separate protective gear. As PSA claims, the scooter concept offer great handling compared to conventional two-wheel scooters thanks to its design and technologies used in it.

The PSA three-wheel scooter concept comes equipped with tilting mechanism, roll control technology. The roll control technology of this vehicle uses hydraulic components and hydropneumatic suspension. Overall, this concept scooter could spawn out a model that would come as a personal last mile mobility solution.


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Speaking about its power source, the three-wheel scooter concept draws energy from a plug-in hybrid powertrain. It gets a 42 hp generating single-cylinder petrol engine that combines with two electric motors, developed by Elaphe and Brembo. Also, there is a 48 volt electric battery pack designed by Samsung SDI.

The plug-in hybrid on board the three-wheel scooter concept is well capable of delivering a running range of 300 kilometre, among which the vehicle can run 70 kilometre in zero emission mode. Also, the scooter is capable of running at a top speed of 130 kmph.

PSA Scooter Concept Images