Porsche Under Scanner For Possible Emission Cheating

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Following Audi’s large luxury sedans Porsche cars are being investigated for high level of nitrogen oxide emission

After Audi, now it’s the other Volkswagen group brand Porsche that is being investigated for possible emission cheating. The German premium luxury brand is currently under investigation by the German Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA). The news comes right after German luxury car brand Audi was found using emission test cheating software.

Audi has been forced to recall 24,000 of its large sedans including Audi A7 and A8 models. The brand was found using an emission cheating software that works analysing the steering wheel angle. When the steering wheel angle doesn’t cross 15 degrees, the software understands the car is in a test environment and it emits pollutants lesser than its real world emission.

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This way, the certain Audi vehicles have been cheating the emission tests and emitting 40% higher level of nitrogen oxide into the environment that the permitted level. Now, Porsche is also suspected to be using similar software. However, the automaker has denied such allegations. As it seems, the Dieselgate has reached far than it seemed at the beginning.

Volkswagen’s several TDI diesel engine powered cars were first found emitting high level of pollutants into the air than the permitted level. After the scandal came under light in US, several other countries started investigation and apart from Volkswagen, cars from Skoda, Audi and Porsche also were found equipped with emission cheating software. Since then, Volkswagen AG has been slapped with fine and legal cases in several countries across the world.

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In US, the company has been forced to fix the affected cars and compensate the affected owners. In South Korea too, the group was fined $32 million for misleading the buyers and finally Volkswagen had to suspend its sales operation there as registration for several models were revoked in the country. In India too, several models from the automobile group were found with high level of pollutant emission than the permitted level.

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Source: Wirtschaftswoche