This Nissan Technology Makes Inflating Tyres Easier


The Easy Fill Tyre Alert system is already available in 12 models of Nissan including Altima, Armada, Leaf, and Maxima

Tyre air pressure is one of the things which many owners don’t bother about but they didn’t realize that it can decrease fuel efficiency and life of the tyre which can also cause accidents. We usually fill air at the fuel station or at tyre shops even though tyre pressure is denoted in the doors, drivers don’t refer it before filing the tyre.

Nissan introduced Easy Fill Tyre Alert System in its cars. This system is helpful to drivers as it will alert the drivers when the tyre is properly filled up. This system works only when the driver puts the vehicle in park then apply park brake or hand brake and the key must be in accessory position.

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Once you start filling air, then the exterior lights will start to flash which indicate the driver that the system is monitoring tyre pressure. The vehicle will horn one time to indicate the driver that the correct limit has been reached. If the driver over inflate the tyre, then the system will horn twice and hazard light will flash three times.

The driver dont need to manually enter tyre pressure or do anything as the vehicle will do everything for the driver. This is a simple system which can make the life easy for the customer. According to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, four out of five customers are driving without properly inflated tyres.

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Nissan-Easy-Fill-Tyre-System-2The Easy Fill Tyre Alert system is already available in 12 models of Nissan which include – Altima, Armada, Leaf, Maxima, Murano, Pathfinder, Rogue, Rogue Sport, Sentra, Titan, Versa and Versa Note. The Japanese manufacturer has already sold  5.3 million cars fitted with this system which is helping lots of drivers in US.

The system works with tyre pressure monitoring system and it is not a replacement of this system as some people might think. This alert system is one of the many technologies part of the Nissan Intelligent Mobility Vision. We hope that Nissan will introduce this system in India also which could help lots of people.