Nissan To Discontinue Diesel Vehicles Gradually In Europe

2017 Nissan Micra India 2

The new generation models of current portfolio won’t include a diesel engine and instead they will get alternative powertrains

Nissan is going through a lot of change globally as the company wants to improve its sales and market share as they want to become more profitable in the coming years. The Japanese manufacturer will remove sedan models from its American portfolio as customers prefer compact SUV and crossover models over the traditional body style.

In Europe, the sales of diesel vehicles are coming down steeply compared to petrol models. The emission norms are getting stronger and this puts lots of pressure on manufacturers to develop new diesel engines to meet these emission norms but they are not getting profit from these engines as the sales are going south.

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2017 Nissan Micra India 3UK is the second biggest market in Europe and the country is shifting its focus from diesel as the sales are coming down to all time low. Jaguar, Audi, BMW to name a few which discontinued diesel cars from its lineup due to low sales and also new emission norms. Nissan is going to join them as the company announced that they will gradually discontinue diesel vehicles.

The Japanese manufacturer said that diesel models won’t be discontinued immediately as there is still some demand. But the company will eventually phase out diesel engines as they will do it these when a model reaches its end of life style. The new generation models of current portfolio won’t include a diesel engine and instead they will introduce electric and plug-in hybrid versions.

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India-Bound Nissan Leaf Revealed 3The future of cars is certainly going to be electric which is why car manufacturers are investing heavily in these cars. Tesla is the only main stream manufacturer with electric cars until Jaguar introduced new i-Pace and the company has started sales of new model in Europe. But they are priced at a premium which results in low volume.

Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi and Volvo will soon introduce electric cars to take on Tesla. With the introduction of more models, the price is expected to drop. As far as diesel is concerned auto industry and suppliers are facing a global regulatory crackdown on diesel emissions. We are not expecting manufacturers to completely say good bye to diesel engines as the demand is still there in some parts of the world.