This Modified HM Contessa Looks Like Poor Man’s Dodge Challenger


Modified HM Contessa looks demonic and inspired by the Fast and Furious movies; the original Contessa was in business in India between 1984 and 2002

Remember Hindustan Motors Contessa? The popular and stylish sedan every 90’s movie used to feature? The sedan is no more in business though. But some car enthusiasts still drool over the design of the car. Meanwhile Modsters Automotive, a Chennai based car modifying agency has done a splendid job with the HM Contessa. The agency has given the Contessa such makeover, that the car looks like a poor man’s Dodge Challenger.

Inspired by the Vauxhall Victor (1972 – 1976) the HM Contessa has been known for portraying a muscular appeal. The long hood, sharp and stylish design the car stood out among the crown. Even in those days, the car had elegant design with chrome treatments. Here, the modified Contessa has been dubbed as Project Grey Hound.

HM Contessa Modified (3)

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The car comes with a full blackened front fascia, while the entire body has been painted in Reventon Matte Grey colour. The front sports LED headlamps, wide front grille, redesigned front bumper and muscular hood with crisp creases running toward the nose.

At the side profile, the flared and large wheel arches invoke the muscular appeal. The 18 inch wheels come with chrome trim and painted in glossy black. Toward the rear the car features LED taillights and a sharp duck tail rear spoiler. An aftermarket exhaust canister is also visible. Though the interior is not revealed, but the modification job has been done inside as well.


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The HM Contessa was powered by a range of engines, including both petrol and diesel units. The engines available were between 1.8 litre unit to 3.3 litre units. The transmission options included a 5 speed manual gearbox and a 4 speed automatic gearbox as well. Expect the modified HM Contessa to bear the same engine as it was produced with.




Source: Modsters Automotive