Mercedes-Benz E-Class All Terrain 4×4² Is A Monster on Wheels


Mercedes E-Class All Terrain 4×4² comes blending the beauty of the luxury wagon with the G-Class G500 4x4x2 soul

German luxury car manufacturer Mercedes-Benz has revealed the E-Class All Terrain luxury wagon last year, which is the brand’s answer to the soft-roading wagons from its rival brands like Audi and Volvo. Now a Mercedes engineer has modified the E-Class All Terrain and the car appears as a wagon with the soul of the Mercedes G-Class G500 4x4x2.

Currently Mercedes-Benz E-Class All Terrain luxury wagon is sold exclusively in the European markets with a range of diesel engines as powertrain options. Speaking about the Mercedes engineer Jürgen Eberle designed E-Class All Terrain 4×4², it comes enabling the standard car with marginally enhanced off-roading capability. The car went through some technical modifications.


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This adventurous and monstrous wagon comes equipped with portal axles from the Mercedes G550 4×4². The ground clearance has been raised by 16.5-inch, which helps it by protecting the underbody from the rough terrains. Interestingly, this gives the E-Class All Terrain 4×4² more ground clearance than the G-Wagen that comes with 14.5-inch clearance.

The Mercedes-Benz E-Class All Terrain 4×4² appears with a water wading capability of 19.6-inch, which means it can cross a shallow river without any hassle. The headlamps with projector lamps, integrated LED daytime running lights certainly bear the signature Mercedes design language along with the aggressive front grille too. The front bumper looks pretty bold with the large air intake and there is a skid plate as well.


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The side profile sports carbon fibre wheel arch extensions, scuff plates, large black alloy wheels wrapped with 7.8-inch wide tyres. The rear profile appears with stock taillights that sport LED units, a roof spoiler and skid plate with slanted looking exhaust vents. The car has received increased approach and departure angles as well that enables it for some serious off-roading.

Powering such a monstrous vehicle keeping an eye towards its purpose is not easy at all. This car draws energy from a 3.5-litre V6 petrol engine instead of the diesel engines offered with the standard model. The engine is well capable of churning out 333 hp of peak power and 480 Nm of peak torque. What’s more interesting is that the German brand is planning to sell a limited edition of the E-Class All Terrain 4×4² inspired by this one-off model.

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