More Than Half Million Mercedes C-Class And G-Class Allegedly Cheated Emission

mercedes benz c class emission cheating

If Federal Ministry of Road Transport found out Mercedes was using cheating device then the company will have to recall more than half a million vehicles

Ever since, Volkswagen caught for emission cheating device on its diesel cars. Most of the government are taking emission tests very seriously and since then FCA had been caught for using similar device in some models of RAM trucks. Mercedes Benz was one of the names which consistently appeared for using similar cheating device which Volkswagen used.

But the German manufacturer is not yet caught or the government officials hasn’t got any evidence against them. Der Spiegel German publication report that Germany transport authority KBA is investing a case regarding that C Class, G Class and some models of Vito van is using the emission cheating device on the diesel versions.

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2015 Mercedes Benz C-Class handlingEarlier some cases reported that Vito van which is powered by 1.6 L engine from Renault used this emission cheating device to help it pass the test. The Federal Ministry of Road Transport, Germany immediately asked for recall of Vito vans in the middle of last week and Mercedes Benz said that they can fix the issue with a simple software update.

The publication reports that a source informed them that the Federal Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer personally instructed the Federal Motor Transport Authority to investigate further suspected cases at Mercedes immediately. Renault was already acquiesced for using the emission cheating device back in 2016.

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2018 Mercedes-Benz G-Class Launch, Price, Engine, Specs, Features, Interior, Performance 3But the French manufacturer denied all the speculation. If the Federal Ministry of Road Transport found out that if Mercedes is indeed using cheating device then the company will have to recall more than half a million C-Class and G-Class models along with Vito which will definitely cost the German manufacturer lots of money.

This will certainly dent the reputation of Mercedes Benz across the world as they were so proud of the technologies which they use in cars as they are good for our environment. The German manufacturer is yet to officially announce anything but in the coming week we could get more information whether Mercedes has used the cheating device or not.