Mercedes-Benz Poised To Launch BS-VI Compliant Vehicles Ahead Of Schedule

Mercedes-Benz Poised To Launch BS-VI Compliant Vehicles Ahead Of Schedule

Mercedes says Indian government should offer financial incentives to support quicker shift to BS-VI emission norm

Mercedes-Benz is keen to launch the BS-VI compliant cars in India much before the schedule. The stricter emission norm is about to be implemented across the country from April 2020. However, the German luxury car manufacturer says it is ready to shift to the new norm compliance much ahead of schedule and it also appeals the Indian government to give financial incentive to support the quicker shift.

While the entire country will adopt the new norm from April 2020, Indian government aims to introduce the BS-VI fuel in Delhi-NCR from April 1, 2018. Mercedes-Benz claims it is ready to meet that schedule as well. As Mercedes-Benz India’s managing director and CEO Roland Folger has said, the company is looking to launch its BS-VI products in 2018.

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He also welcomed government’s move of advancing the deadline for the national capital region to curb the alarmingly high level of pollution there. Also, he is hopeful that by 2020, BS-VI fuel will be available across the country.

Interestingly, Mercedes claims it at a time, when the three oil supplying companies in the country Indian Oil Corporation, Hindustan Petroleum Corp. Ltd. and Bharat Petroleum Corp. Ltd. have said they are ready to supply the BS-VI grade fuel to the national capital region. Currently, the India uses BS-IV grade petrol and diesel across the country the upcoming BS-VI norm will be a two-step leap from the present grade. Considering the fact that India is among the countries with alarmingly high level of pollution, the government is taking strict stand on introducing this norm.

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While a number of auto manufacturer have expressed concern regarding the deadline, major number of the companies have welcomed it and working on their products to meet the new norm. With this new emission norm implemented across the country air pollution level is expected to see a significant decline.