Mahindra XUV700, Scorpio Prices Up By Rs. 74K – New Prices

Mahindra Scorpio N

Mahindra has hiked prices of Scorpio N, Scorpio Classic, Thar and XUV300 following the updates involved in BSVI stage 2 compliance

Mahindra & Mahindra has hiked the prices of its models in the month of April 2023. The latest price increase for the XUV700 and the Scorpio range has been explained here. The XUV700 petrol variants face a hike of up to Rs. 74,000.

It is now priced between Rs. 14 lakh and Rs. 24.34 lakh while the diesel variant of the XUV700 witnesses a hike of up to Rs. Rs. 71,000 as it costs Rs. 14.45 lakh for the base variant and it goes all the way up to Rs. 26.18 lakh for the range-topping model.

Mahindra XUV700 Petrol Variants New Price Old Price Difference
1. MX MT 14L 13.45L 55K
2. MX E MT 14.50L 13.95L 55K
3. AX3 MT 16.49L 15.89L 60K
4. AX3 E MT 16.98L 16.38L 60K
5. AX3 AT 18.24L 17.61L 63K
6. AX5 MT 17.82L 17.20L 62K
7. AX5 E MT 18.32L 17.69L 63K
8. AX5 MT 7S 18.50L 17.85L 65K
9. AX5 E MT 7S 19L 18.35L 65K
10. AX5 AT 19.63L 18.97L 66K
11. AX7 MT 7S 20.56L 19.88L 68K
12. AX7 AT 7S 22.37L 21.66L 71K
13. AX7 L AT 7S 24.34L 23.60L 74K
Mahindra XUV700 Diesel Variants New Price Old Price Difference
1. MX MT 14.45L 13.96L 49K
2. MX E MT 14.95L 14.45L 50K
3. AX3 MT 16.92L 16.39L 53K
4. AX3 E MT 17.42L 16.89L 53K
5. AX3 MT 7S 17.75L 17.20L 55K
6. AX3 E MT 7S 18.41L 17.85L 56K
7. AX3 AT 18.90L 18.33L 57K
8. AX5 MT 18.41L 17.85L 56K
9. AX5 MT 7S 19.09L 18.51L 58K
10. AX5 AT 20.27L 19.68L 59K
11. AX5 AT 7S 20.90L 20.29L 61K
12. AX7 MT 7S 21.30L 20.59L 71K
13. AX7 AT 7S 22.97L 22.32L 65K
14. AX7 L MT 7S 23.13L 22.48L 65K
15. AX7 AT 7S AWD 24.41L 23.74L 67K
16. AX7 L AT 7S 24.89L 24.21L 68K
17. AX7 L AT 7S AWD 26.18L 26.88L 70K

The Mahindra Scorpio N has been well received by customers since its market debut last year and the price of the petrol variant has been hiked by up to Rs. 46,000. The prices of the Z2 MT E and Z4 MT E seven-seater variants have not been changed though.


In a similar fashion, the Mahindra Scorpio N Z8 AT 4WD seven-seater diesel version’s price has not been altered as it remains at Rs. 22.55 lakh (all prices mentioned are ex-showroom). Both SUVs are equipped with the same 2.2L diesel and 2.0L petrol engines with different performance numbers.

Mahindra Scorpio Petrol Variants New Price Old Price Difference
1. Z2 MT 7S 13.05L 12.74L 31K
2. Z2 MT E 7S 13.24L 13.24L
3. Z4 MT 7S 14.65L 14.24L 41K
4. Z4 MT E 7S 14.74L 14.74L
5. Z4 AT 7S 16.61 16.20 41K
6. Z8 MT 7S 18.05L 17.64L 41K
7. Z8 AT 7S 20L 19.60 40K
8. Z8L MT 7S 19.96L 19.54L 42K
9. Z8L MT 6S 20.20L 19.74L 46K
10. Z8L AT 7S 21.56L 21.10L 46K
11. Z8L AT 6S 21.76L 21.30L 46K
Mahindra Scorpio Diesel Variants New Price Old Price Difference
 1. Z2 MT 7S 13.55L 13.24L 31K
2. Z4 MT 7S 15.15L 14.74L 41K
3. Z4 AT 7S 17.11L 16.70L 41K
4. Z4 MT 4WD 7S 17.77L 17.19L 58K
5. Z6 MT 7S 16.05L 15.64L 41K
6. Z6 AT 7S 18.01L 17.60L 41K
7. Z8 MT 7S 18.55L 18.14L 41K
8. Z8 MT 4WD 7S 21.10L 20.59L 51K
9. Z8 AT 7S 20.46L 20.10L 36K
10. Z8 AT 4WD 7S 22.55L 22.55L
11. Z8L MT 7S 20.46L 20.04L 42K
12. Z8L MT 6S 20.70L 20.24L 46K
13. Z8L AT 7S 22.10L 21.60L 50L
14. Z8L AT 6S 22.26L 21.80L 46L
15. Z8L MT 4WD 7S 23.06L 22.49L 57K
16. Z8L AT 4WD 7S 24.51L 24.05L 46K

The Mahindra Scorpio Classic’s S variant sees a price increase of Rs. 35,000 as it now stands at Rs. 12.99 lakh. The nine-seater version of the same variant is pricier by Rs. 42,000 as it carries a sticker tag of Rs. 13.26 lakh.

mahindra scorpio N-4

The top-spec S11 variant used to cost around Rs. 16.14 lakh and courtesy of the latest price hike, it now costs Rs. 16.81 lakh – Rs. 67,000 jump.