Like Burgman, 2020 Suzuki Electric Scooter Will Be Designed In India

suzuki electric scooter

2020 Suzuki electric scooter targets performance levels between 110 and 125 cc regular scooters and will be based on the global platform

Suzuki has big plans for the domestic market for a sustained future in the coming years with electric mobility and advanced connectivity solutions for two-wheelers at the forefront, just like every other mainstream manufacturer waiting to snatch the spotlight with a first mover advantage.

They are aware that end of this decade and early part of the 2020s are crucial for setting up a reliable basement in future technologies. The Japanese manufacturer has traditionally considered India as a peculiar market with the models sold here would be tailor-made for local customers – the recently launched entry-level premium scooter for example.

Buoyed by the success of its latest product, the Burgman Street 125, and the consistent sales brought in by the Gixxer series, Suzuki has reportedly been working on more India-specific products. While previous reports suggested that Suzuki is on course to compete against the FZ 25 and Fazer 25 with motorcycles of its own in the immediate future, the upcoming electrified scooter will also be specifically made for India as well speculatively.

Despite having a large focus on the Indian market, the e-scooter will be based on a global platform, as Suzuki will implement the observations, haves and have-nots, learned elsewhere for India. Suzuki sells e-Lets electric scooter in Japan but it only has a feeble range of 30 km on a single charge and would not be ideal for Indian consumers.

Suzuki e-Lets Electric Scooter

Therefore, the company has decided to put all its expertise in the new e-scooter with the performance level similar to 110-125 cc models, and based on the customer response further tweaks can be made in the second generation versions. Suzuki has confirmed that it will be focussing on lithium-ion battery technology and the basic core module of battery and electric motor will be shared across global platforms.

Consequently, a huge investment is being made in Gujarat regarding battery production. Just as the Intruder and Burgman, the electric scooter will have its design crafted by Suzuki’s India division. With the government’s support on tax relaxations and incentives, Suzuki could price its first e-scooter at little less than Rs. 1 lakh.