Kia Outsells Hyundai in 2016; Makes Strong Case for India


Kia’s dominance over Hyundai in South Korea and USA indicates the capability that could bode well for the Indian market

For the first time in history Hyundai has been beaten by its subsidiary Korean brand Kia in their home market as well as in US too. Last year, Kia sold 475,107 units of passenger vehicles in South Korea compared to the Hyundai’s 418,303 units. In May this year, Kia sold 58,507 units compared to Hyundai’s 58,259 units in the US market.

With Kia’s dominance over its owner brand in both the Korean and US market, the former automaker could expect success in the highly competitive Indian market too. The Hyundai owned automaker is gearing up to launch a range of products here and it is already in process of setting up the first production plant in the country in Andhra Pradesh that is expected to spawn 3 lakh cars annually by 2019.

India-Bound 2017 Kia Soul

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Kia is expected to start production in 2019 with a compact hatchback and an entry level premium hatchback. However, that will depend on the public demand. The company is already in process of surveying the market and demands of the customers. Interestingly, considering Kia’s recent international success and Hyundai’s strong base in the country, we may see the rise of a new leader in the passenger vehicle segment of the domestic car market.

Yes, Maruti Suzuki has every reason to be intimated with the arrival of the Kia. Overall, Hyundai group is looking for a greater share in the country market and Kia is surely going to play a very crucial role for that strategy to be successful.

Kia Picanto India Launch 2

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The potential Kia models for the country market include Rio hatchback, Rio sedan and Sportage compact SUV. Kia cars are known for their stylish contemporary design, upmarket features and efficient powertrains alongside being quite affordable too. Interestingly, all these features are in line of the demands of Indian buyers and therefore we have every reason to believe that Kia could be the next big star here.

Kia Rio Sedan – Gallery