India Bound Tesla Model 3 Interior Revealed


India bound Tesla Model 3 interior revealed; it is going to be the most affordable electric sedan from the American EV maker

Tesla Model 3 have been spied testing already, but the interior of the production spec model have been remained a mystery. Now a leaked image shows the interior of the car, and it looks quite futuristic. Just like the prototype showcased earlier this year, the production spec Model 3’s interior comes sans traditional gauges, control buttons or knobs.

So far, the interior of the upcoming electric sedan looks identical to the concept. Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk said that the interior of the production spec model would be dramatically different compared to the concept. He also said that the car would sport a spaceship like steering wheel.


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The leaked image shows the car having a normal circular steering wheel with the shiny Tesla logo at the centre. The most interesting part is certainly the large touchscreen panel at the center console, which works as the infotainment system and as the control panel as well. While the Tesla Model S and Model X come featuring vertical digital displays, the Model 3 sports a horizontal display, which juts out from the dashboard.

Another fact is that, there are no gauges visible in the Model 3. It might indicate a few possibilities; which include having no conventional instrument cluster at all. In that case, the car would come sporting the gauges at the massive digital screen. Also it might sport a heads up display in the final production model, and apart from these, the final production model might come sporting a conventional instrument cluster as well.

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The Tesla Model 3 is expected to unveil in its final production avatar in 2017. Interestingly, the American EV maker will enter the Indian market with the Model 3, as Elon Musk has already announced. Post launch of Model 3 in India, the company might set up a manufacturing hub in the country as well.

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