Honda Factory Closed in Japan Due to Ransomware Attack


Honda stopped production at Sayama plant near Tokyo as WannaCry ransomware attacked its computer network; the factory produces 1,000 cars daily

After Renault now it’s Japanese automaker Honda that came under attack of the infamous WannaCry ransomware virus. The company was forced to shut down production at its Sayama plant near Tokyo as its computer network was attacked by the virus. Not only in Japan, but Honda’s computer network has been attacked by the virus in several other regions like North America, Europe and China.

Despite the protective measures taken in May, the network has been affected which led to production halt in the plant that rolls out around 1,000 cars daily. The Sayama production plant manufactures models like Honda Accord sedan, Honda Odyssey and Honda Step wagon. However, despite production being stopped on Monday the regular operations resumed on next day only.

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This is not the first time an auto manufacturer came under attack by the infamous ransomware virus. In May this year, Renault-Nissan alliance was forced to stop production at its plants in several countries like France, UK, Japan, Romania and India also, as the company’s computer network was attacked by the virus. However, despite temporary halt, production resumed at those plants soon after.

WannaCry ransomware virus has been one of the most affecting computer virus that locked out more than 2 lakh computers in more than 150 countries around the world. While in April and May this virus was spreading rapidly across the world, now it has slowed down since last month. However, the new versions could come up any time affecting more computers.


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While the automakers like Renault, Nissan and Honda have been affected by the WannaCry virus, the Indian auto giants like Tata Motors, Mahindra & Mahindra have been out of the danger so far. However, some Indian companies from various other sectors as well as some public sector offices have been affected by this virus in May this year.

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