Exclusive: Mahindra Quadricycle Patented in India, Based on Gio LCV

Mahindra gio quadricycle concept

Mahindra Quadricycle to be based on the Gio light commercial vehicle; likely for India & export markets to rival Bajaj Qute

The concept of quadricycle has been well received by many top-notch cities around the world, to avoid congested traffic and reduce emissions, in recent years but in our country it is not the case. In India, the buyers of vehicles have grown tremendously and are increasing every day. Going to office in the morning and coming back is one of the difficult tasks being faced by people nowadays due to the relentless traffic levels.

Quadricycle segment needs to kick up fast as some industry experts believe for the ease of city driving and shake off jammed up traffic mayhem to some extent. Bajaj took a deep breadth and after endless controversies, debates and verbal wars with other manufacturers, it found a way to export the Qute quadricycle to foreign markets – although the launch in India has been put in fence due to safety reasons.

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Mahindra Quadricycle based on Gio LCV

With all the hustle and bustle surrounding the quadricycle segment, the importance of curbing down traffic shouldn’t be forgotten either. Amidst all that, in an exclusive story, we can reveal a new rival for the Bajaj Qute in the making and it’s hailing from none other than Mahindra. In the light commercial vehicle segment, the largest SUV maker in the country has come leaps and bounds in recent years and now it’s trying to grab the market share gained by Bajaj from to its fleet of auto rickshaws.

The Mahindra quadricycle will be based on the Gio LCV and is expected to be play as an alternative for the rickshaws. The quadricycle four-wheeler is more likely to source engine from the Mahindra Alfa three-wheeler CV. The 395 cc engine could produce a power output of 6.3 kW at 3,200 rpm and 21 Nm of peak torque delivered at 2,000 rpm. The transmission duties are likely to be done a four-speed constant mesh manual transmission.

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It is expected to weigh below 500 kilograms while fuel economy could be rated at around 40 kmpl. The direct rival to Bajaj Qute has all the possibilities to have less CO2 emission and tiny turning radius. On the outside, the front fascia looks similar to the Gio LCV with a slanting roofline at the rear. The three-door quadricycle should be good enough to seat four people with a very constrained room at the rear.