World Exclusive – “Chevrolet GEM-B SUV” is the Codename For Creta/Duster Rival

Chevrolet GEM B SUV rendering

“Chevrolet GEM-B SUV” will be rivaling Creta, Duster, S-cross and all compact SUV in the market, launch likely in Auto Expo 2018

Today was a big day for Chevrolet India as they launched their new innings with the full size, true blue SUV, the TrailBlazer. The TrailBlazer is priced well too, making it clearly an attractive proposition for prospective buyers. It goes against some tough rivals, rivals that have been updated very well too. TrailBlazer should win customers just by the look and space as it two things in abundance.

We Indians love SUV’s hence this sports utility vehicle is here. Also, considering this fact, GM is set to launch another SUV in the market, which will be coming in the year 2018. We think it will be showcased at the 2018 Auto Expo. Yes, it is far away as the 2016 Auto Expo hasn’t begun yet. That is the news our sources have given us and we have and decided share no matter how early or how late.

Chevrolet Trailblazerin India-3

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The Chevrolet GEM-B SUV will be based on a new platform, which GM spoke about when it unveiled the TrailBlazer along with the Spin MPV. This platform is set to spawn compact SUV, compact sedan and may be a premium hatchback and a Hyundai Creta rivals which we have information on. The dimensions and engine details will be very close to the rivals it competes with cars, such as, Renault Duster, Suzuki S-Cross and Hyundai Creta.

Source also tells us that the looks of this car will be crossover-ish and not a high ride height-ed SUV, which the Creta and Duster is. However, since pricing and engines are going to be similar, our market and critics would, without hesitation, put it against on paper and on the road with this Chevrolet GEM-B SUV.

Chevrolet ADRA GEM B SUV
Chevrolet ADRA concept

GM is pumping a whopping one billion dollars into the country, an amount, which it has not spend since the past 20 years when it was here in India. That is a one gigantic commitment. We believe all of this will come soon or maybe before time, because GM is quite late.

However, the competition will also be refreshing their models and that will be the time when GM will have fresh products and can keep its head up high as it tends to promise high tech, and modern cars finally to the Indian market. The Chinese knockoffs, which have clearly failed to gain traction in our ‘premium car’ seeking market and is a signal that we won’t accept anything that is thrown towards us.