This Customised ‘Twin-Cylinder’ Yamaha RX100 Packs Lot Of Punch

Customised Twin-Cylinder Yamaha RX100

Most of the modifications on this Yamaha RX 100 are concentrated on engine and performance rather than aesthetics

Unlike Pulsar, Apache and Duke which appeal to youngsters for their performance in current generation, in old days the number of choices are limited. Yamaha RX100 was one of the most affordable bikes of 90’s which packed good performance and it has become an iconic model for the Japanese brand in India.

Earlier this week, we featured a restored Yamaha RX100 in which a custom shop has given new life for the bike and this time, it is India’s first twin cylinder Yamaha RX100. Mr. Yusuf Salar Sheikh Bukush from Mumbai is a hard core Yamaha fan and he decided to improve performance of RX100 with addition of one more cylinder to the engine.

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Most of the modifications on this custom bike are concentrated on engine rather than aesthetics. The engine gets two cylinders along with two pistons, dual spark plug and twin carburettors. Yusuf has also give twin exhaust which is placed on either side and it is tuned to produce sporty exhaust note, all the new parts are custom made for the RX100.

Except spark plugs which are taken from RD 350 and they are made in Japan, so we can expect good reliability. The power and torque figures are not yet revealed and we can expect improved performance from the engine. The twin cylinder RX100 has linear power delivery and the engine is tuned for performance.

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The RX100 stock drum brakes has been replaced by twin disc brakes at front with imported Italian made AJP twin-pillion callipers. The chassis of RX100 has got some changes to accommodate new twin cylinder engine and increased performance. We can expect some changes for gearbox tuning to cope with increased power output.

Apart from this, the bike has got new twin pod instrument which comes from Yamaha RX-Z. The fuel tank is slightly larger than stock RX100 but the headlight, tail light, handle bar, wheels, seat and suspension comes from stock bike. The cost and time taken for modification is not yet revealed.