Vintage Yamaha RX 100 and RX 135 to Fetch Around Rs. 1.5 lakh

yamaha rx100

Yamaha India re-launching the RX 100 and RX 135 with updated engine was a false rumor only

Remember the Yamaha RX 100 and RX 135? Those were widely popular bikes in our country in 1980’s and 1990’s and for some even mow. They were no sporty looking bikes, just two simple commuters with a bit of high performance; but the popularity and craze for these two bikes were un-matchable. Many of us have some fond memories with these bikes. Both the RX 100 and RX 135 were pretty much popular among the drag racers because of the high pick up and speed, which at that time were hardly found in other bikes.

Recently a Bengaluru dealer of Yamaha who had seven Yamaha bikes consisting of these two models posted that he will auction the seven bikes. This somehow misinterpreted and resulted in creating a false rumor, that Yamaha is re-launching these two bikes with updated engines and mechanisms. Surprisingly the Bengaluru dealer saw many biking enthusiasts making query about the launch for these two bikes. He even had to remove the Facebook post. But Yamaha have no plans to re-launch the RX 100 and RX 135.

Yamaha RX 100 was a 98 cc two stroke single cylinder bike which was built during the span of 1985 to 1996, while the Yamaha RX 135 was built during 199seven to 2005. Later both these bikes faced ban due to the implementation of stringent emission rules in the country. This is why the Bengaluru dealer was left with these seven iconic bikes in his possession. While the ban was implemented the bikes were priced at around Rs. 48000 to Rs. 50000. The auction for these bikes saw a huge turnaround and each unit of the seven bikes went under the hammer for around a whooping Rs. 1.5 lakh. A special RX 135 fetched the highest bid of 1.65 lakh. But the sad part is, as only seven bikes were left, many enthusiasts had to return with bare hands.

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