Clean Motion Zbee Spotted in india

Clean Motion Zbee spotted in India

Clean Motion Zbee can do 50 kilometres in single charge with a top speed of 45 kmph; aids in last mile transportation initially in Delhi-NCR

Clean Motion, the Swedish EV brand, launched the Zbee electric rickshaw for the Indian market this past February. Endorsed as the “urban vehicle for the 21st century”, it hopes to provide all the core values the company aims to achieve “Lean, Clean and Safe. Destined to offer last mile transport, the Zbee has been spotted running on Indian roads.

During its unveil in Gurgaon, the company which won prestigious awards like WWF Climate Solver and Zennsström Green Mentorship Award, said it is boosted by the support given for bringing clean transport into the country. Its last mile connectivity attracted DLF CyberHub, where it’s launched, to be among its first fleet of customers.

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DLF CyberHub in Gurgaon is among Zbee’s first customers. The vehicle provides last mile connectivity from DLF CyberHub to offices in the vicinity, and the metro station. Clean Motion and DLF group have signed an agreement to operate Zbee in the real estate group’s premises. In fact, DLF is operating a small fleet for the same reason. Services at DLF also include a girls special service, driven by a pink captain.

The fixed fare service provider operates with a fleet of 25 units of Zbee with ten clusters planned to be set up in Delhi and National Capital Region initially before expanding to other key cities across the nation. Clean Motion has invested in excess of a million dollars locally and is set to increase ten times by 2017. The Clean Motion Zbee is assembled at Faridabad where the facility has been awarded with International Centre for Automotive Technology (ICAT) certification in L5 category.

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Clean Motion Zbee has its presence in Europe and Indonesia. The growing need for zero-emission vehicles in one of the fastest emerging automobile markets in the world like India would have surely lured the entry and investment for Clean Motion. The Zbee can provide space for three and the occupants have separate seating area.

It weighs only 230 kilograms and is constructed from fibre reinforced plastic material. The power source for the Zbee is a lithium ion battery pack that can enable 50 km range in a single charge and reach top speed of 45 kmph. While normal charging takes up to two hours, quick charging facility ensures full charge in 20 minutes.

Clean Motion Zbee India

The Zbee is either leased or rented as a franchise model. The repayment of the franchise spans over a period of 3-5 years without any upfront cost. Clean Motion is planning to expand its clusters in Delhi by up to 30 spots including Delhi University.