BMW R nineT Concept Path 22 Unveiled, Scrambler In Making ?

BMW Motorrad R NineT Scrambler Boxer Engine

BMW R nineT Scrambler Concept Aims towards TVS-BMW bike that will be making its way soon

BMW just released Concept Path 22, a bike based on the highly successful and beautiful looking bikes the BMW R nineT. The bike now becomes a retro scrambler from a old school roadster that it was in the beginning. The BMW R nineT was unveiled at the Wheels & Waves custom bike festival which celebrates as the name says, surfing with two wheels both sports being considered one of the very best in the world.

BMW Motorrad R NineT Scrambler Surf Board
Surprisingly Surf boadring and biking have things in common

Detailing has to be highlight of this motorcycle and in the pics there is so much to gauge and notice at. The single sided bar-end mirror, the outrageously awesome paint job, the retro-modern look of the gold finished Akrapovic exhaust look super cool, the number 22 badge reminds you of the early 90’s. The subframe and the seat are top notch stuff and so is fit finish level which is slightly busy but is done with great attention for sure.

BMW Motorrad R NineT Scrambler Wheels Waves
Attention to detail is massive and beautiful

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Seat and bar grips have color coordination which is supremely well done stuff. Overall, cosmetically it hard to beat this motorcycle as everything falls into the right place including the surf board, which is attached by a clever set of clamps that makes it practical to ride with and lovely to be seen on.

BMW R nineT Scrambler Side View
Retro-modern coolness to the next level!

Mechanicals include top notch brakes and suspension units from Brembo and Ohlins respectively. Not to forget star-wheels and single sided swingarm which gives it a even clean look. The oil-cooled, 1170cc engine is the same from the BMW R nineT which produces a bit over 110 BHP.

Coming to the practical part of things. We all know BMW-TVS bikes are not going typical sport or naked bikes they are going to be roadster, scramblers and cafe racers. We can expect this kind of scrambler coming out with a smaller engine from the TVS factory which will be made by BMW and sold worldwide.