BMW Partners IBM for In-Car Artificial Intelligence

bmw i8 spyder

BMW partners IBM to get its Watson sensors; it picks up data and helps in developing new efficient systems

German luxury automaker BMW partners with the American tech firm IBM for developing future in-car artificial intelligence. The Bavarian automaker is known for its thrive towards the automotive technology and this collaboration with IBM will surely help to give it a boost. According to the partnership, BMW cars will get IBM Watson sensors incorporated which will collect data and help in development of efficient technologies in future.

As part of the deal between BMW and IBM, the American tech firm will hack into four BMW i8 hybrid sports cars at its Munich Watson loT headquarter. These fours BMW i8s will be turned into prototype solutions and made to run on IBM’s Bluemix cloud platform. The data and informations gathered by the Watson sensors will be used in developing an instruction manual.


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The instruction manual will be ingested into Watson and drivers will be able to ask questions about the car while focusing on road. Also, using the sensors the car will become familiar with the habits of the driver. This will provide suggestions on fuel saving techniques and safer driving style and all this will be done by conversion between the car’s system and the driver.

Artificial in-car intelligence system is nothing new, as Tesla and Google are already working on it. In September this year, three German automobile giants Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz also announced about launching a project which will help vehicles to communicate with each other. This technology was also meant to help the driver to gain a better understanding of traffic conditions.


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The technology to be developed jointly by BMW and IBM is termed as intelligent assistant functions. Apart from drivers, these functions will also help the vehicles to communicate with its other passengers. When the technology will be seen in BMW cars are yet to be disclosed.