To All Readers – Beware Of Chemical Spray Biker Gang In Delhi!

Our highways and roads are not at all safe even though we have ample police force sometime they might not be able to cover everywhere and thief take advantage of this situation

We enthusiasts like to travel and explore different parts of the country via roads sometimes with our family, friends or alone. But our highways and roads are not at all safe even though we have ample police force sometime they might not be able to cover every where and thief take advantage of this situation.

Have you heard about Chemical Spray Biker Gang, the chances are very less as they are not caught yet or most of the people are not aware of them. Meenal Bishnoi who is the owner and founder of Mini and Chota had a very close encounter with this gang. She was on their way to Gurgaon, when suddenly two guys on a bike ahead of them gestured to the driver that oil was leaking from the car.

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highway expresswayThe driver starts coughing a little and got out to see the back oily spray on the front grille. Then the driver asked Meenal to get out of the car which bag and other valuable things. He also took the key out and left all doors open. Both the driver and Meenal were coughing as the car had acidic fumes.

The way this gang attack the car is when they spray black oily chemical on the grille so that the fumes get in and the driver is forced to stop the car and get out. During the panic times, they take away all the valuables from the passengers and if the key is inside the car sometime they take the car also.

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Indian Roads, Traffic & BridgesThis has happened to so many people and Police know about it also. But they are doing nothing against these criminals and the reply Meenal got from the Police when she explained the event to them was be careful. This incident happened in broad day light and still our judiciary is doing nothing to protect the citizens.

Delhi is not alone with these types of things as robbery in Indian highways is very high. But the government is doing not enough to protect the citizens from them. This is a reminder that if you ever happen to see them, just takes out all your valuables along with key which is the only defence against them. We hope that the Police and authorities will catch these criminals soon.