‘Helmet Zones’ Introduced In Chennai To Ensure Road Safety

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A dozen stretches in Chennai has been marked as ‘Helmet Zones’ to ensure two-wheeler riders passing through these areas wear helmets

Chennai traffic police department has taken an unique initiative to make two-wheelers obey the rule for their own safety. A dozen stretches in Chennai have been marked as ‘Helmet Zones’ to ensure the two-wheelers riders passing through these areas wear helmets. Police teams will monitor these stretches at both the entry and exit points.

Interestingly, police haven’t informed public which areas are earmarked as helmet zones. This way a larger number of two-wheeler riders are expected to wear helmets and follow the rules across the city. Apart from this initiative, Chennai traffic police department has also made the traffic violators watch one hour long short films narrating the harms of violation of traffic rules.

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India is among the top countries with alarmingly high number of deaths and serious injuries happening every year due to road accidents. Traffic rule violation like not wearing helmets or seatbelts, driving or riding under influence of alcohol, using mobile phone while driving or riding, jumping red signals have been the reason behind large number of road accidents that affects the life of the rule violator as well as of other people also.

As Chennai police informs, at least 18.894 cases were lodged for over speeding, around 23,552 cases registered for jumping signals between June and August 2017. Apart from that, 5,168 cases were booked for drunken driving, 3,115 cases registered for using mobile phones while driving. Other rule violations include overloading of goods carriage vehicles, carrying people in goods vehicle etc.

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Between 1st January and 17th September 2016, around 5,562 fatal and non fatal accidents were registered in Chennai. The number has been reduced to 5,420 cases in the same period in 2017, but that also amounts to a significant number of fatalities. Hike in fine amount has paid off alongside increased awareness. With the helmet zone across Chennai city, police believes, law offenders will think twice before trying to break the rule.