All-New Tata Electric Hatchback Could be Named Nano

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Tata is likely planning to give the Nano brand a rebirth with a new EV; to be based on new Moflex modular platform

Tata Motors is bringing several changes in its strategy. Alongside the regular conventional powertrain driven passenger cars, Tata Motors is also developing new and exciting products. Few days back, the homegrown auto major revealed its first sportscar Racemo under the new sub-brand Tamo. Now, Tata is working on its first EV that would come giving a rebirth to the Nano brand.

Tata’s revolutionary small car Nano couldn’t fetch a satisfactory sales figure and the company has plans to phase out the model in next 3-4 years. But, with the new electric car, Nano brand will live on, even if the car doesn’t exist. Interestingly, the upcoming electric hatchback is expected to be based on the same Moflex modular platform that underpins the Racemo. Also, this same platform is likely to be underpinning couple of other hatchbacks and SUVs in future.

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The details are not revealed yet, but expect this small electric hatchback to appear with dimensions similar to the smart car and it would come with really short wheelbase, close to Nano. Also, it would come with high-set seats. But the most exciting part of this vehicle is going to be the powertrain. This way, it would challenge the Mahindra e20, which is the first Indian EV.

Electric powertrain technology is one of the most talked and most researched sectors in the world automobile arena and Tata Motors being one of the major brands doesn’t want to stay behind in the race. The car manufacturer has been testing all-electric powertrains with the brand’s European Technical Centre. It has developed an one-off Tata Bolt battery powered EV.

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The upcoming small hatchback too will be powered by a fully electric motor powered by a lithium-ion battery and it will offer zero emission. It is not sure, when the small hatchback would arrive in the country, but we can hope that Tata will showcase a prototype at the upcoming 2018 New Delhi Auto Expo, giving us a preview of the production EV.

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