Aeromobil Exhibits Flying Car at Paris Air Show


Aeromobil’s flying car start flying in less than 3 minutes; priced at $1.2 million it will be sold in 500 units only

Apart from self-driving cars and fully electric powered cars another top researched sector in the automobile industry is the flying car. While the conventional automakers restrain themselves from such unique project, the innovative start ups have been doing great job in making flying cars. One such company is the Slovakia based Aeromobil that has displayed its flying car at the 2017 Paris Air Show.

This is the first time Paris Air Show offered the Paris Air Lab platform to various companies to showcase their research and innovations in the field of air mobility. One of the major attractions there is the Aeromobil developed flying car that has been under development for quite some time.


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The Slovak company first tried to fly a prototype of this car back in May 2015. The production version is yet to fly a full range. But the company claims this car is capable of running a very impressive 700 kilometre on four wheels, while it also has a flying range of 400 nautical miles (approximately 740 km). It is claimed to have a cruising speed of 140 knots (approximately 260 kmph) and what’s more interesting, this car is capable of flying from running on road in less than 3 seconds.

With this flying car, Aermobil is hopeful to convince the aerospace giants about the futuristic mobility that will enable the vehicles to fly alongside running on roads. The company is expected to start producing the car in couple of years once the final tests are done successfully. Also, it will produce the flying car in a limited number of 500 units only.


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Not only the Aeromobil developed flying car, at the Paris Air Show a French company Vaylon showcases its own two-seater flying car Vaylon. Interestingly, this flying car has been actually flown over the English Channel Calais and Dover. This vehicle is powered by a Peugeot 400 cc motorcycle engine and equipped with fan for flying.

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