3 New Honda Cars Coming To India Soon – 2 SUVs, 1 Sedan

2023 Honda CR-V Global
2023 Honda CR-V Global

Exciting times are ahead for Honda in India with cars like the new-gen Amaze, electrifying Elevate SUV and a compact SUV are more likely

The automotive landscape in India is evolving rapidly, and Honda is keen to grab a bigger piece of the market. With a clear strategic vision, Honda is gearing up to introduce a host of new vehicles in the Indian market in the coming years. These new offerings are set to capture the hearts of Indian consumers, combining style, performance, and a commitment to sustainability.

Let’s talk about three upcoming Honda cars for which we are waiting with the highest hopes and anticipation.

1. Next-Gen Honda Amaze

Honda’s bestselling model in India – Amaze – is set to undergo a significant transformation with the unveiling of its third-generation model. Expected to debut globally in 2024, the new Amaze will build upon the success of its predecessor, featuring an evolved platform and design. Drawing inspiration from the sleek lines of Honda’s latest sedans like the City and Accord, the exterior is expected to exude modernity and sophistication.

2023 Honda Accord
2023 Honda Accord

Inside the compact sedan, a revamped interior layout and upgraded infotainment options will enhance the overall experience. The next-gen Honda Amaze will retain the reliable 1.2-litre petrol engine, offering it with both the 5-speed MT and CVT options. There likely won’t be any diesel option available, just like on the current version.

2. Honda Elevate EV

In a world increasingly inclined towards sustainable alternatives, Honda is all set to introduce the Honda Elevate. This all-new SUV is a crucial part of Honda’s strategy to launch five SUVs in India by 2030. Not only does it signify a strong comeback for Honda in the SUV segment, but it also underscores Honda’s commitment to green mobility.

honda elevate-11

The launch of the Honda Elevate EV is scheduled to happen in 2025, which is quite far away. We do hope the Japanese carmaker uses this time well, understanding the market and bolstering the upcoming electric SUV for the Indian EV market space, which is set to become competitive very soon.

3. A new compact SUV

Since the discontinuation of the WR-V, Honda has had no presence in the extremely popular sub-4-metre SUV segment. However, we expect the Japanese automaker to make a compelling comeback in that market space soon, with either a new and improved WR-V or a brand-new model.

2023 Honda WR-V
Indonesia-spec 2023 Honda WR-V

Similar to the next-gen Amaze, the Honda’s upcoming compact SUV will have a 1.2-litre petrol engine under the hood. The company doesn’t have a turbo-petrol engine option in its arsenal yet, but we hope this changes soon, as shoppers prefer turbocharged engine options. There’s no word on the launch date, but we expect it to happen within a year or two.