2016 Audi A4 Unveiled Globally, Radical Inside Out!

2016 Audi A4 India

The fifth generation Audi A4 is all set to challenge the toughest of its competition

The Audi A4 has been always a special car in the segment despite it was the oldest in the segment when it comes to the competition. The segment is hotting up like never before as the Audi A4 comes at a time when the new Mercedes C-Class is a segment benchmark and the new Jaguar Xe is all set to take the German competition down. BMW 3-series facelift will soon be fighting for its crown back from the C-Class and Jaguar Xe. However, the Audi A4 is very radical this time and is made with a strong payback in mind.


The Audi A4 is based on the new VW modular platform and is longer by 25mm and 16mm wider. The car design is all new be it front, rear or side. The Audi A4 finally gets the Audi’s virtual cockpit seen on the Q7 and Audi TT that lies between the instrument cluster. You do get a infotainment screen in between the dashboard for vehicle settings and much more.

2016 Audi A4 Interior

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Interior of the new Audi A4 has been completely revised with quality materials, new design all around. The gear selector and flowing air con vents along with A/C controls are all new. Wheelbase has increased with other dimensions and it sure to liberate even more space than before since the old car had class leading space along with comfort oriented suspension. Mechanically, the Audi A4 has lost 120 kgs depending on the engine and transmission you choose from.


The base engine equipped Audi which is 1.4 TSI globally weighs just around 1300 kilograms. We, in India, will continue to get 2.0L turbo petrol and diesel engines. 190 PS for the petrol and 190 for the diesel is expected this time around for our markets as the 2.0l engines now make these figures from there engine. Torque ratings are 320 and 400 Nm respectively from petrol and diesel engines.

2016 Audi A4 Yellow

The flappy CVT gearbox will make for 8-Speed autobox or the dual clutch transmission, whichever help Audi keep cost down in India. 3.0l engine equipped models may also come in future post India launch and those will come equipped with Quattro system. India launch of the Audi A4 is expected around late 2016.

2016 audi a4 sedan weight loss

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