Yamaha Working On Turbochargers For Its Range Of Upcoming Motorcycles

Yamaha XJ650 Turbo

The move is not Yamaha’s first as the same was previously found in the XJ650 Turbo in the early 80s

Recent patent filings suggest that Yamaha is currently developing turbochargers for its next range of motorcycles. The move is not Yamaha’s first as the same was previously found in the XJ650 Turbo in the early 80s.

For the unaware, turbocharging is a forced induction that uses the engine’s exhaust gases to force pressurised charge into the combustion chamber. The waste gas is passed through the exhaust where it spins a turbine at speeds as high as 1,60,000 rpm. This turbine turns the compressor that sucks in air and compresses it before it enters the combustion chamber. This surge in pressure enables more fuel and oxygen into the engine thus increasing its output.

The company filed a patent for a turbocharged motorcycle three years back. A typical turbo increases pressure by 6 to 8 psi, while the atmospheric pressure is 14.7psi. The increase in 50 per cent cannot be entirely converted into power as there are inefficiencies. The engine has to work harder to push gas out through the turbo, for example – and often the engine will need a lower compression ratio.

Yamaha turbocchharger patent

Yamaha’s idea to add turbochargers in its motorcycles could be reasoned in several ways. Adding one to the MT-10 could give a 30-40 per cent power boos bringing its power to 200hp, enough to rival the Kawasaki Z H2. The company could also look into fitting the new R1 with a turbo that will recover the power lost due to the addition of a catalytic converter.

While the applications could be for a wider range of products, the patent suggests that it was for a parallel twin-based on the MT-09 engine. Cutting a cylinder off the 847-cc engine will bring down the displacement to 560-cc which when turbocharged could produce the same output.

Yamaha turbocchharger patent-2

The engine would then be smaller, lighter and easier to meet emission targets.