Yamaha Sports Ride Concept Car Unveiled At Tokyo Motor Show

Yamaha Sports Ride Concept (4)

Designed By Legendary car designer, Mclaren F1 maker, Gordan Murray, Yamaha Sports Ride Concept Car Unveiled At Tokyo Motor Show

Yamaha is known for making the best and winning motorcycles in the history of motorcycles till date. It has given the aural bliss and monster R1 with cross plane crank. The R6 is every poser’s boy’s dream and every enthusiast’s wet dream. Yamaha has always shown interest in some way or the other by making engines for Toyota and has been working on three wheelers and Smart four wheels. However, now it has come up with a new car that is genuine sporty one.

How? Legendary car designer Gordan Murray has designed this car. Yes, the person who designed insanely fast and raw Mclaren F1. Mclaren F1 was the first car of its time to have carbon fibre chassis and engine bay lying with gold all around.

Yamaha-Sports-Ride-Concept (3)

However, this Yamaha Sports Ride Concept isn’t entirely the same. Sure the Sports Ride Concept has a carbon fibre tub which is made by a method called iStream. A tub which allows to make many cars from this one carbon fibre tub that sits between the front and rear subframe.

Yamaha Sports Ride Concept

Yamaha Sports Ride Concept is a very ‘tiny’ car and it measures at 3900mm in length, 1720mm in width and 1170mm in height. Thanks to carbon fiber, the concept weighs just 750 kilograms. Now Yamaha just needs to plonk a 350-450 BHP engine and get enthusiast and critics go gaga over it like 10-year-old kids.

Yamaha Sports Ride Concept (1)

There is no sight of launch, any price or any other details. People were not allowed to near to car as its a fragile prototype. We can expect this smashing look car into production in early 2020 may be if Yamaha and ace Designer are serious about this project. This could give a tough fight to its Japanese rival such as Nissan GTR and Acura/Honda NSX. Bring it on Gordan and Yamaha!

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