Yamaha July 2020 Sales Analysis – FZ, Fascino, R15, MT-15, FZ-25

2020 yamaha fz25 bs6-1-3

Yamaha recorded 49,989 units in July 2020 as against 47,918 units during the same period last year with 4.3 per cent sales increase in India

Yamaha Motor India was the only volume-based two-wheeler manufacturer in the country to record positive sales growth in July 2020 as 49,989 units were registered against 47,918 units during the corresponding period last year with 4.3 per cent Year-on-Year sales increase. It had a market share of 3.90 per cent – 0.73 per cent more compared to July 2019.

The Japanese manufacturer has the Fascino, Ray ZR and FZ as its top-selling models in India in recent times, and the trio did help in the brand posting a decent sales growth last month. Yamaha was one of the first manufacturers to make their domestic range BSVI compliant and only recently the FZ25 and FZ-S 25 gained the necessary compliance.

The Fascino was the second most sold scooter within Yamaha’s range last month as 11,584 units were recorded against 12,984 units during the same period in 2019 with Year-on-Year sales de-growth of 11 per cent. The Ray ZR fared better as 12,032 units were registered against 9,272 units with 30 per cent volume increase.

Yamaha Model (+/-%) July 2020 July 2019
Yamaha Fascino (-11%) 11,584 12,984
Yamaha Ray (30%) 12,032 9,272
Yamaha FZ (8%) 15,048 13,904
Yamaha R15 (33%) 6,869 5,176
Yamaha MT 15 (181%) 3,928 1,400
Yamaha FZ 25 (-28%) 528 732

The highly popular FZ range of entry-level sporty motorcycles managed to record 15,048 units as against 13,904 units with 8 per cent sales jump. The YZF-R15 V3.0 garnered 6,869 units last month as against 5,176 units with 33 per cent volume increase. The MT-15’s sales growth was even better as it stood at a massive 181 per cent.

The naked streetfighter posted 3,928 units as against 1,400 units in July 2019. The FZ25 was responsible for recording 528 units as against 732 units with negative sales growth 28 per cent. Yamaha is expected to launch the XSR 155 in the near future and it could help in garnering more volumes as well considering the good reception for YZF-R15 V3.0 and MT-15.

Recently, Yamaha launched its online sales platform to give easy purchasing options to the customers amidst other benefits. The brand’s new website has all the latest features like Virtual Store with 360 degree view of the models along with specification comparison between the Yamaha products under the buyers guide option.