VW CEO Worried About Tesla’s Lead In Autonomous Tech & Software

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Tesla sold more units last year that the previous two years combined as it is a highly valued manufacturer over many traditional brands

Despite years of struggle, Tesla has proven in the last three years that it is always a step ahead of its competitors that include traditional global automakers in producing electric vehicles. Earlier this month, Tesla reported total deliveries of 88,400 units in the first quarter with an increase of 40 per cent compared to last year.

The American EV producer bucked the trend as brands like Ford, General Motors and Fiat Chrysler reported volume declines during the same period. In Q1, Tesla reached its highest ever revenue for a regularly slower first quarter as its total revenue grew 32 per cent on YoY basis. Tesla sold 3,67,386 cars last year a new record for the company as 82 per cent of the total volumes were contributed by the Model 3.

Comparatively, it sold more electric vehicles in 2019 than the previous two years combined. Tesla is ahead of its competition in plenty of ways as beyond providing longer range battery packs, its EVs are much faster as well as boasting advanced technological features such as regular OTR updates and semi-autonomous driving system.

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Amidst getting into trouble for allegedly causing accidents on motorways when autopilot enables, Tesla has always pursued with the idea by perfecting it over time. An internal document gained by Automobilwoche suggests that Herbert Diess, CEO of Volkswagen, expressed his concerns on Tesla beating its rivals in terms of autonomous functions and over-the-air updates.

He was claimed saying: “What worries me the most is the capabilities in the assistance systems. 500,000 Teslas work as a neural network that continuously collects data and offers the customer a new driving experience every 14 days”. It must be noted that no other carmaker existing has such capabilities as the network enables continuous improvements across several departments.

The report further said Diess is planning to implement a new strategy to reduce Tesla’s lead over things. According to graphs passed along by Diess to VW executives, the Volkswagen Group comprising of luxury carmakers like Audi, Bentley, Lamborghini and Porsche is worth about half of Tesla in valuation and thus the conglomerate has a mountain to climb in the coming years.